Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Guess who comes home tomorrow? Yup Sydney. Saw the doc today, and he said let her go home tomorrow. YEAH!!!!

I am having her come home on a monitor for my own piece of mind, but otherwise she is coming home tube free! No oxygen, no nothing. I am so excited, and so busy now, because I have to get everything ready. Short post, but it speaks volumes on how happy we are.


Trista said...


Mandy said...

Yay! I didn't even get to finish the whole post. I just saw that Sydney gets to come home tomorrow and I'm sitting here crying. So, so, so very happy for you guys! Congrats.

Sublime said...

Oh Great!!That is Fantastic!!! Enjoy her as much as you can! pamper her, give her lots of kisses.. well I guess you will do all this without me telling you hehehehe.
I'm just happy that you will be together at last!!!

Faith said...

Woohoo! I'm so happy to hear the goodnews!

KrisAndRod said...

Yay! What great news! I hope you are able to enjoy a wonderful family at home before Vince leaves. That's great that she came home before he left. Congrats over and over again.

lagiulia said...

Just came across your blog. Congrats on your daughter coming home! I just read the past few entries, and the stuff about the NICU is something I can relate to. I went into preterm labor at 27 wks, but they put me on bedrest and a terbutaline pump, and I kept my twin boys in until 34 wks. They spent 3 and 5 weeks in the hospital. The 5-weeker has had various health issues off and on, but we're doing pretty well. I hope that all goes well with her arrival home, and I am looking forward to reading more. The NICU experience was really tough for me, and I just have a lot of sympathy for you for having gone through it. Take care!

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